The Division, Update 1.8, Underground Content Improvement

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Hello Everyone, Tom Clancy’s The Division will bring New zones, a PvE horde mode, and the PvP Skirmish mode in the upcoming update to Tom Clancy’s The Division. the patch will bring several new features to the game, but it will also include improvements to existing content. Underground DLC is also receiving  a major update […]

Tom Clancy The Division Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes

The Division

Hi Everyone, Ubisoft released patch 1.7.1 and here the patch notes: Leaderboards The Face Masks vanity rewards are now tied to Global Event Commendations instead of the Leaderboards. Global Event Leaderboards now reward a number of Classified Caches, the amount depending on an agent’s placement on the Global Event Leaderboards once the event ends. Fixed […]

The Division Patch 1.8 latest updates, Skirmish(TDM), Rogue 2.0, Gear Optimization, WSP Resistance

The Division

Hi Everyone, The Division Update 1.8 has been announced and everyone is really very excited to see what this update will bring to players, The Division team is going to introduce new game features including Map Expansion, which is happening for the very first time in the division,new Gear Score, new PVP mode, WSP and […]

Tom Clancy The Division : RPM Glitch, Hacking Cheating and the related penalties, COC

The Division

Hi Everyone, As a lot of people are cheating and hacking the RPM Glitch these days, so following are the penalties to break the code of conduct of The Division by UbiSoft and hope the people who are breaking the game and destroying the joy of playing division should get these penalties, examples of behavior […]