The Division Patch 1.7 : Predator Banshee Build, PVP Destroyer

The Division

Hi Everyone,

GamerProDocD with you again with another build option, this one is my favorite for PVP either in the DZ or Last stand, in this build i am using 2 pieces of predator mark and 2 pieces of banshee shadow with Ninja bag and Lara Chest  Piece, you can customize the build using reckless or vigorous chest piece depends on your game style.

you must roll deadly on your MP7, i couldn’t because i was out of Phoenix Credit on this character.

so here is the breakdown for the build.


Build Details

  • Lvoa-C (Deadly, response, prepared)
  • MP7 (Adept, capable,Competent)
  • Lara Chest Piece
  • Banshee Mask
  • Predator KneePads
  • Banshee Gloves (AR)
  • Predator Holster
  • Ninja Backpack
  • 3 Firearms mods with health  and 1 Stamina health and 1 Electronics with skill power
  • 2 Pulse Critical hit chance performance mod
  • 2 pulse Critical hit damage performance mods
Tom Clancy's The Division Predator Banshee Build
Tom Clancy’s The Division Predator Banshee Build


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