The Division Patch 1.7: Skull MC Gloves, High End Build Still Doing Good.

The Division

Hi Everyone,

as everyone is farming for classified, i thought of  giving another shot to the high end build, i tried this build in last stand and found it very powerful, so i would like to share my build with you guys. try this build and shred people in Last Stand or DZ.


Build Details

  • Lvoa-C (Deadly,Response,Unforgiving)
  • MP5 (Deadly,Brutal,Responsive)
  • Lara Chest Peice
  • Tenacious Mask
  • Short-bow KneePads
  • Skull MC Gloves
  • Bliss Holster
  • Specialized Backpack
  • 4 Firearms mods with health  and 1 Stamina health
  • 2 Pulse Critical hit chance performance mod
  • 2 pulse Criticle hit damage performance mods
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