The Division Patch 1.8 latest updates, Skirmish(TDM), Rogue 2.0, Gear Optimization, WSP Resistance

The Division

Hi Everyone,

The Division Update 1.8 has been announced and everyone is really very excited to see what this update will bring to players, The Division team is going to introduce new game features including Map Expansion, which is happening for the very first time in the division,new Gear Score, new PVP mode, WSP and Gear Optimization, but as per the team this not all that they are going to bring in with the new update there is much more coming for the players.

  • Skirmish PVP

The new PVP mode called Skirmish is actually a 4-v-4 PVP Team Death match mode, but this mode will allow you to have a PVP without any interference of NPCs, which is a lot of player were looking for and complaining about, the ranking CAP for the Last Stand and Skirmish will be increased from Level 40 to Level 99 as it is in the Dark Zone and After Level 40, you will have increased chances of better loot drops including classified gear sets and exotics. the new ranking system might be called the PVP Rank.

Players will be able to see the build for each other and will be able use emotes on the loading screen. Skirmish will be normalized like the Last stand.


Resistance, West Side Piers

The Division Team will be   expanding the Manhattan map with a brand new playable zone the West Side Piers. where player will be able to fight on the mighty interpid, the famous aircraft carrier. the factions here will be working together for the first time, and the new zone will introduce a range of new activities.

In the Resistance game mode, you and other agents will group up to take on waves of increasingly powerful enemies in an attempt to stem the tide of the newly allied factions.

  • Gear Optimization

Patch 1.8 will bring new gear optimization station which will be available at new social area called camp clinton and the players can take pieces of 256 gear and increase each individual statistic with Division Tech. As an item reaches the maximum value for each statistic, the item’s gear score increases. After an item is perfectly rolled its new gear score will be 286. When players of The Division first log in after the 1.8 patch releases, players with a gear score of 256 will, at least, retain that level. If their gear is naturally well rolled, their gear score might be higher.

  • Rogue 2.0
Rogue 2.0 will turn off Friendly Fire in the Dark Zone, which means you won’t accidentally hurt an Agent and go Rogue in the process.There will be a toggle for going Rogue, once you press that button you will be able to go rouge, This will encourage the player who are looking only PVE content and want to avoid going rogue accidentally.

1 thought on “The Division Patch 1.8 latest updates, Skirmish(TDM), Rogue 2.0, Gear Optimization, WSP Resistance

  1. Fuck all the noobs for adding a rogue toggle !
    Like really massive?!!
    Y the fuck r u encourageing the unfair chances in the darkzone ?
    Wtf is wrong with going rogue?
    Obviously players that are pve based won’t get into the darkzone and chase fucking manhunts with 5 different groups !
    Put that through ur thick skulls u pieces of shit !

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