Tom Clancy the Division, Game Performance Issues

The Division

Hi Everyone,

There are few concerns about the performance of the game that i want to highlight here, since the release of the new patch, the game performance is highly degraded, the game is suffering from all kind of issues like loss of sound during game play, stutters, lag, enemies disappearing and reappearing somewhere else and client out of sync etc. some times makes the game unplayable, as people were really expecting to enjoy the game with the new patch, the game performance is really giving them hard time.

following are some issues faced by the players during the game play.

  • NPCs Disappearing while you start shooting and reappear somewhere else.
  • Stutter, slowness and jamming during legendary missions.
  • Rogue agents are not getting any hits while shooting at them.
  • getting killed in the Last stand without knowing it.
  • agent will not fire for a while and just keep aiming

if you guys are facing the issues mentioned as above, please leave a comment, so we can build a case and report to UbiSoft.

4 thoughts on “Tom Clancy the Division, Game Performance Issues

  1. Apart from the last stand issue as I have not tried that since the update, I have suffered them all, got through half of Lexington an just shut it off as game was unplayable

  2. I have issue’s with my weapon mod and recalibrating. Ill have it set up at high dps, toughness, and skill with in 10 to 15 min it’s at a lower level. It’s funny cause I stick to my basic set up and it goes up and down its really frustrating especially when running DZ.

  3. Last time i played just after updating I got to the last part of Lexington and then the server just kicked me off and said an unknown error has occurred with the application. Plus I’ve had delta and mike errors never had a problem befor the update. Also my m700 carbon will occasionally not fire but then a few seconds later will fire twice in quick succession

  4. Yes, all of these, most annoying of all is being stunned by grenades that haven’t been thrown yet by Mods. You get stunned, stand up and get shot at, then the grenade goes off. Makes Heroics and Legendaries hellish

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