Tom Clancy The Division: Global Event: GE Tokens Reward Breakdown. Patch 1.7

The Division

The wait is over and as promised, UbiSoft launched The Division Patch 1.7 on Tuesday 15th of August, with the number of updates, new game modifiers, nerfs, buffs and highly anticipated classified gear.
The Division Introduced following new features with the Patch 1.7:
  • Global Events.
  • Classified Gear Set.
  • Face Customization.
  • Encrypted Caches.
  • Commendations & Patches
  • Face Masks
  • Some Bug Fixes, weapons and talents balancing.
In this post I wanted to bring you the breakdown for the GE Tokens that are rewarded for completing any of the following activities during weekly event called Global Event:
  • Named Enemies in the open world or DZ.
  • Mission.
  • Incursions.
 Named Enemies 
So, lets First talk about Named Enemies, you are going to get 150 GE Tokens for killing a named enemy or a named Boss and its very simple, e.g. If you complete all the 14 open world Roaming bosses you will get 2100 GE Token.
  • 14 Open world Bosses x 150 Per Boss = 2100.
For the Missions things are a bit different depending on the Difficulty of the mission and Severity level selected for the Modifier which is outbreak at this event. If you choose normal mission difficulty you will get 150 GE Credits and if you change the outbreak modifier difficulty to severe or critical you will get 50 Extra Token and off course changing the modifier will make the mission a little more challenging.
  • Normal Mode without Severity 150 GE and adds 50 GE with Modifier.
  • Hard Mode without Severity 225 GE and adds 75 GE with Modifier.
  • Challenging  Mode Provides 750 GE only and you cannot Select the Severity for challenging missions.
  • Legendary Mode without Severity 1575 and adds 175 GE with Modifier.

following images also shows the GE Breakdown,

Normal Mission without Global Event Outbreak Modifier
Normal Mission with Global Event Modifier Difficulty (Severe or Critical ).
Hard Mission without Global Event Outbreak Modifier
 Hard Mission with Global Event Modifier Difficulty (Severe or Critical )
Challenging Mission
For incursion you are also not provided with the Outbreak Severity modification and you will get the following GE Token rewards:
  • Challenging Mode 650 GE Tokens.
  • Heroic Mode 900 GE Tokens.
 Incursion Challenging
 Incursion Heroic
so this wraps up the post and i hope you find it informative and will make it easy for you to decide which mission to choose on which difficulty to achieve your targeted GE Tokens.

little correction for Challenging and Incursions, Severity can be applied to the mission that are highlighted in Blue.

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