Tom Clancy’s, The Division Update 1.8: Recap Befor Release

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  • Resistance—a new PVE horde mode activity in which Agents use SHD-Tech to build fortifications against allied enemy factions.
  • Skirmish—a new 4v4 PVP mode that emphasizes close-quarters combat and gunplay.
  • Revamped Underground—the same Underground Agents know and love, but with new Directives, Checkpoints, chances for Classified Gear, and Hunters.
  • Rogue 2.0—a voluntary rogue toggle for PVP flagging that we hope will rebalance the Dark Zone.
  • Gear Optimization—a new system that allows players to spend D-Tech to upgrade weapon/gear statistics to maximum.
  • West Side Pier—a map expansion on the left-hand portion of Manhattan.
  • New Exotic Weapons—the new ‘Big Alejandro’ exotic LMG, the new ‘Devil’ and ‘Heel’ exotic MMR pair, and of course the new ‘House’ SMG.

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